078 CRM Destinations

A bad technology day, how we can collectively put an end to call center cold calls, a review of CRM Magazine’s 2018 CRM Market Awards winners, The ascents of Microsoft & Zoho, how long it really takes to become a CRM leader, how little separation there is among the top ranked vendors in point scores.

051 CRM Carneros Cast

SugarCon 2016, Microsoft buys LinkedIn & what Facebook should do, Salesforce buys DemandWare, Klipfolio.

Recorded at the beautiful Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards in Sonoma, California. Many thanks to Jason for his excellent service and great insights into sparkling wine.

010 Trusting Your CRM Consultant

Establishing trust between a CRM consultant and a customer, the concept of a proof-of-concept, Steve pokes fun at Microsoft’s CRM video script writer, Marc Benioff and Michael Arrington lightly spar before delaring their bromantic affection for one another, the hackiness of CRM journalism. Hosted by Steve Chipman & Sam Biardo.