114 Is SEO Dead?

Steve and Sam, hosts of the CRM Talk podcast, discuss the latest in CRM and marketing after not recording an episode for several months.

They question whether SEO is dead given new AI search technologies. They agree helpful, unique content is still key for SEO along with topic clusters, leveraging existing content, and content distribution.

B2C content is often easier than B2B since B2C has a wider potential audience. B2B tends to be more narrow.

Outbound prospecting and personalized video are becoming more important for lead generation compared to only inbound tactics.

Steve built a custom object in Salesforce to manage digital marketing assets and merge them into outbound campaigns.

AI is impacting marketing including AI tools to help with content creation, optimization and formatting before publishing.

Brand searches are becoming more important in SEO so increased brand awareness helps.

Sam and Steve commit to record more regularly as marketing becomes even more important than CRM alone.