Ian Gotts of Elements.cloud

CRM administration, the high demand for businesses analysis skills, what it takes to become a skilled business analyst, creating a basis for process improvement, the soft skills needed for eliciting business process flows, the limitations of traditional diagram tools, how to distill complex processes down to an easier to absorb hierarchical model, making the technology available to the Fortune “5 Million”, simplified notations, the handoff between activities, activity boxes that start with verbs, resources as an alternative to swim lanes, attaching items to an activity box, making a process map universally understandable, using Elements.cloud in a live workshop, how to run workshops, Ian’s “business analysis improv” approach when he presents, displaying process diagrams within Salesforce objects, self maintaining user training material, why process mapping can be used in almost any industry and across all departments, the coming GDPR compliance requirements & how Elements.cloud can help, where to find Ian and his team at Dreamforce, the Elements.cloud “free forever” model.

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