119 Sati Hillyer of OneMob

Steve and Sam talk to Sati Hillyer, founder, and CEO of OneMob, about his journey from starting the AppExchange at Salesforce to developing and advancing his company’s video platform for sellers over an almost ten-year period.

With a OneMob microsite, sellers can provide context, content, and a clear next step for the prospect.


Sati Hillier’s Background and the Origins of OneMob

Sati Hillyer discusses his background at Salesforce, where he helped develop the initial AppExchange, which allowed partners to create integrations and add-ons for the Salesforce CRM platform.

This experience exposed him to the ecosystem of third-party companies building solutions around Salesforce, and eventually led him to start his own company, OneMob.

The Evolution of OneMob

OneMob initially started as a mobile app for salespeople to record and send personalized videos to prospects. However, Sati and his team realized that getting salespeople comfortable with recording videos was a challenge.

They pivoted to a microsite platform, where the video was just one component, along with customizable landing pages, content resources, and clear call-to-actions. The goal was to provide context, content, and a clear next step for the prospect.

Addressing Challenges for Salespeople

Sati acknowledges that salespeople are often not the most tech-savvy or creative when it comes to using tools and designing web pages.

OneMob addresses this by providing templates and involving marketing and sales enablement teams to create pre-built microsites that salespeople can use as-is or customize with their personal touch.

The platform also incorporates AI-assisted content creation, such as writing assistance and video generation, to make the process easier for salespeople.

Integration with CRMs and Marketing Automation

OneMob is tightly integrated with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, allowing salespeople to track engagement and activities directly within the CRM.

Sati also discusses plans to integrate with marketing automation suites to better score and qualify leads generated through the microsites.

Business Model and Growth Strategy

OneMob started by targeting enterprises through a top-down sales approach, but has since shifted to a freemium model with a self-service option for small businesses.

The company still maintains enterprise clients but is also focusing on product-led growth (PLG) and self-serve models. Sati discusses the company’s pricing plans, including a free plan and a paid pro plan with additional features like AI-assisted content creation.