119 Sati Hillyer of OneMob

Steve and Sam talk to Sati Hillyer, founder, and CEO of OneMob, about his journey from starting the AppExchange at Salesforce to developing … Episode detail

116 Quote-to-Crypto

Summary Introducing Quote-to-Cash and Hosts Steve introduces the Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) topic and podcast co-host Sam. They joke briefly about healthcare … Episode detail

115 Your Perfect AI Self

Your Perfect AI Self

Summary In this episode, Sam and Steve discuss the benefits of podcasting for marketing versus blogging, based on data showing … Episode detail

114 Is SEO Dead?

Steve and Sam, hosts of the CRM Talk podcast, discuss the latest in CRM and marketing after not recording an … Episode detail

113 CRM AI Use Cases

Sam and Steve discuss CRM AI use cases for sales, marketing, customer service, customization & configuration, data migration & integration, … Episode detail

112 Dumbed Down By AI

Sam & Steve forget how to think on their own, Enterprise AI megatrends, using ChatGPT for CRM test cases and … Episode detail

110 How Low Can You Code?

Sam and Steve talk about low-code CRM, along with some of the pitfalls of giving citizen developers all-too-easy control over … Episode detail

109 Scott Eller of Neuraswitch

Steve and Sam talk to Scott Eller, Chief Relationship Officer & Co-founder of Neuraswitch about transcription, redaction, and sentiment analysis.

108 Skynet Marketing

A rundown of current marketing & sales AIs.

107 Mathematical CRM Failure

In this episode, Sam and Steve talk about enforcing security for remote work, COVID’s effect on shared workspaces, hindsight 2020 … Episode detail

105 Andy Zambito of Creatio

Andy Zambito, Chief Sales Officer, Americas at Creatio, joins Sam & Steve to talk about process management, CRM, digital transformation, … Episode detail

104 Listmania Part Deux

10 questions you should ask when looking at integrating your CRM, 5 reasons a spreadsheet is not a database, 8 … Episode detail

103 Are You Listicling?

Sam and Steve verbally expand on several of their respective listicles. Source posts are: 10 Questions you Must Ask When … Episode detail

102 Jeffrey Russo of HubSpot

An interview with Jeffrey Russo, Director of Product, Sales Hub Go-to-Market at HubSpot. HubSpot’s evolution from a marketing system to … Episode detail

101 CRM Millions and Billions

Creatio raises $68 million, HubSpot goes enterprise, Sugar’s HD-CX, AWS and AI, Salesforce eyes $50 billion in five years.


Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud, Sam’s vaccine shot scheduling nightmare, Sam’s joint webinar with Creatio, CRM 3.0, how low code/no code has altered roles in CRM deployment & management, field service, ABM, video selling, video training, CRM best practice videos, de-densifying your slide decks, HubSpot’s customer code deck, explaining difficult to explain concepts, telling a story, content distribution.