113 CRM AI Use Cases

Sam and Steve discuss CRM AI use cases for sales, marketing, customer service, customization & configuration, data migration & integration, analytics, and automations.

112 Dumbed Down By AI

Sam & Steve forget how to think on their own, Enterprise AI megatrends, using ChatGPT for CRM test cases and test data

110 How Low Can You Code?

Sam and Steve talk about low-code CRM, along with some of the pitfalls of giving citizen developers all-too-easy control over enterprise system modifications.

109 Scott Eller of Neuraswitch

Steve and Sam talk to Scott Eller, Chief Relationship Officer & Co-founder of Neuraswitch about transcription, redaction, and sentiment analysis.

108 Skynet Marketing

A rundown of current marketing & sales AIs.

107 Mathematical CRM Failure

In this episode, Sam and Steve talk about enforcing security for remote work, COVID’s effect on shared workspaces, hindsight 2020 COVID predictions, Creatio’s unique approach to a virtual conference, Sam’s mathematical mindset around phased implementation, Salesforce sunsetting the Legacy Workflow Builder, the use cases for low code, integration uptime, people not reading iHateCRM.com, HubSpot’s biggest product announcements, handling CRM custom objects, Snowflake, and Destination CRM’s 2021 CRM Industry Awards. Steve also previews his thoughts on AI and marketing, which will be addressed in greater depth next month.

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106 Kevin Snow of Time On Target

Steve and Sam interview Kevin Snow, CEO of Time on Target, sales expert, and technology geek, about CRM implementation challenges, introverted salespeople, accurate sales forecasting, and more.


105 Andy Zambito of Creatio

Andy Zambito, Chief Sales Officer, Americas at Creatio, joins Sam & Steve to talk about process management, CRM, digital transformation, low-code, tailored experiences, differentiation, speed of change, speed of operations, and more.

104 Listmania Part Deux

10 questions you should ask when looking at integrating your CRM, 5 reasons a spreadsheet is not a database, 8 plugins to use with your new WordPress site (relating to Google’s new page experience standards)

102 Jeffrey Russo of HubSpot

An interview with Jeffrey Russo, Director of Product, Sales Hub Go-to-Market at HubSpot. HubSpot’s evolution from a marketing system to broader front office solution, focusing on the needs of the user experience, streamlining the quote-to-cash process, moving up market, getting “technical debt” that exists within organizations out of the way of the customer experience, applying functionality such as automations across different departments and use cases, HubSpot’s durable partner channel, Conversation Intelligence, sales coaching based on transcripts, applying machine learning to transcripts, honoring two party states & countries, HubSpot’s advantage for applying revenue attribution to marketing efforts.


Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud, Sam’s vaccine shot scheduling nightmare, Sam’s joint webinar with Creatio, CRM 3.0, how low code/no code has altered roles in CRM deployment & management, field service, ABM, video selling, video training, CRM best practice videos, de-densifying your slide decks, HubSpot’s customer code deck, explaining difficult to explain concepts, telling a story, content distribution.

098 Wistia Adds Audio

An interview with Josh Johnson, senior product manager at Wistia, about Wistia’s new audio hosting platform for marketers.

Learn more about the audio offering.

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097 David Campbell of SugarCRM

David Campbell, Vice President of Product Marketing at SugarCRM, joins Sam & Steve to discuss sales, marketing, customer support, data, AI and the customer experience.

096 Muting Rogan

The west coast in flames, whether a podcaster should host the next presidential debate, CRM product news from Inforum, updates from HubSpot’s virtual Inbound conference.

095 Emoji Queriesâť“

Sam’s commitment to golf, the NHL and NBA bubbles, deploying CRM & training CRM users during a pandemic, using emojis for product searches, the most effective forms of marketing in 2020

094 Zooming Requirements

A moratorium on CEO interviews, iOS 14 & location tracking, an “off the grid” mobile option, marketers’ digital transformation, new Google My Business features, gathering requirements & conducting online workshops.

093 Meteorologist Backdroppings

Musings about online meeting technologies and how they’re being used. How CRM vendors are helping out with discounts and free components.